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A Miracle in Kuta

It was Christmas Eve.  My flight touched down around 9pm in Bali. The visa to enter Bali is AU$30, so I needed to hit the ATM; I tried my P.I.N. twice, my mind was frantic at this point, I’d forgotten my P.I.N. and if I tried a 3rd time and it was wrong, the only card I had brought with me would be swallowed up by the machine!!!  I finally found an immigration agent with an eftpos machine that was working, ok visa was now organised.  The taxi driver cleaned me out of the only Aussie $$ that I had left in my wallet.  I arrived at my hotel in Kuta, with NO CASH!!!  Argh!!!

The manager at my accommodation refused to overcharge me for the room on my credit card and give me the excess as change.  By now it was after 11pm, I went for a walk in the pouring rain, hoping a Circle K store could help me, however, they had all banked their takings earlier that day.  I couldn’t beg in the streets either, because, well, that just isn’t me.

I headed back to my hotel, briefly stopping at the front desk in the hope the manager had changed his mind; I finally broke down and cried when I realised my holiday could well be ruined as I wasn’t able to get help from anyone.  Walking back to my room, I told God, ‘I can’t do anything else, it’s all in your hands now, I’ve tried everything’.

The clock ticked over, it was now Christmas Day.  I went to bed.  Minutes later, my hotel room phone rang; it was the front desk telling me that a friend of his wanted to help me.  Minutes later a gentleman is standing at my door saying he wants to help me.  He gave me RP600,000.00, I was stunned.  He refused to give me his contact details so I could pay him back.  Eventually I was able to convince him to give them to me.

God came through for me.  His hands were tied while I was trying to sort the mess out myself, however the minute I gave the problem to Him, He went to work and helped me.

RP 600,000.00

RP 600,000.00