Always so Bubbly

Hi friends,

Today I was told ‘You are always so bubbly, I like you.’

I could not help but smile when I heard this; you see only a few years ago I was 100% negative 100% of the time.  I remember a few short years ago listening to Joyce Meyer say she used to be the same way, hearing her say that gave me hope.  I immediately asked God to do the same for me, to transform me into a person who was always positive.

Here I am, a few years later, and people often comment on how bubbly I am.

Whatever you are going through, do not give up.  Do not let your past experiences govern your future.

Welcome to ‘My Journey to Happiness’


My name is Emma, and like you, I am on ‘My Journey to Happiness’.

On my journey so far, I have found that by reading other people’s stories of their life’s experiences, does quite often, inspire me, and encourages me to keep moving forward, both through the good times and when things appear to be not going so well.

I hope you will be inspired by my sharing, and that you too will continue to keep moving forward and not give up during those times when you don’t understand what is happening in your life.