Miss Meisha – A Gift From God

Miss Meisha came into my life March 14th,  2013. The circumstances surrounding her arrival were nothing short of a miracle.

I had lost my beautiful & cheeky Gizmo to ill health due to old age; I didn’t think I could accept another cat into my life as Gizmo meant the world to me.



About 3 months after Gizmo joined God in Heaven, I began entertaining thoughts of having another cat in my life.   After a while, I asked God for another, and requested either a Ragdoll or a Birman.

Three months later, I received a phone call from a lady I met just once at church a only a few days earlier.  She told me that a cat had followed her home.  She also said that God had told her to pick her up, take her inside, clean her up and give her to Emma (me).

Kvowing what I had asked God for, I just broke down immediately on the phone.   I said out loud, ‘What am I going to name her?’  I heard God speak immediately; he said ‘gift from God’.  I googled names that mean ‘gift from God’, and came up with Meisha!

Miss Meisha

A clipped Miss Meisha the day I received her.

Miss Meisha has been in my life for two years now, and while she showed signs of having been neglected and abused when I first got her, she is adapting well to being loved and living indoors. She loves a cuddle so long as she is the one who instigates one.

I thank God for her, she is a real blessing.

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