Dr Preecha – Best Dentist on the planet

I arrived in Nong Khai, Thailand by overnight train around 8am enroute to Vientiane, Laos, I jumped in the Tuk Tuk and was taken on a tour of Nong Khai looking for a dentist I’d read glowing reports about. Eventually I found his phone number, called him and gave my phone to the driver who spoke no English. Five minutes later I was at the dental office of Dr Preecha.

Selfie with Dr Preecha in his surgery

Selfie with Dr Preecha in his surgery

I was stoked!  I was desperate for a scale and clean, his price of 500-600Bt was dirt cheap and I was going to take advantage.  One look in my mouth he quoted me 500Bt; he’s honest too, off to a great start.

I have exceedingly sensitive teeth and Dr Preecha asked me to raise my left hand if I needed him to stop.   Not only did I not need to, I was on the brink of falling asleep while he was working.   I hardly felt anything the whole time!

The shop front of Dr Preecha's surgery

The shop front of Dr Preecha’s surgery

If you are wanting to see for yourself how good this guy is, his address details are:

Big Tooth Dentist, 220/12-13 Sadej road, Nong Khai, Thailand.  Ph. 042-413888. Opening hours are 9am – 7pm.

Pricelist March 2015

Pricelist March 2015

If you are traveling to Bangkok, a quick flight to Nong Khai and a visit to Dr Preecha will be well worth your time.  Airlines with good deals that fly to Nong Khai from Bangkok are Thai Air Asia & Air Asia; alternatively, you can catch a train from Bangkok’s HuaLamphong to Nong Khai; tickets can be booked at 12goAsia.  Nong Khai is on the border of Laos and is 13 km’s from the Lao PDR capital Vientiane; a short Tuk Tuk ride to the Laos border, followed by another short Tuk Tuk ride, will get you to Vientiane.

3 thoughts on “Dr Preecha – Best Dentist on the planet

  1. Would you be able to show a map that shows the location for Dr Preecha (at “Big Tooth”)? I see that the address is 220/12-13 Sadej road, Nong Khai, Thailand. However, it seems that most map apps don’t properly handle Thai addresses. It seems that more often than not, they fail to properly plot the correct location (of a Thai address) onto the map, and often plot very inaccurately. I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks.


    • I’m sorry… I can’t remember where exactly it is. It’s on the Main Street. If you show a tuk tuk driver the address, or have them ring the phone number, they will take you there.


  2. I agree, I have been using his services for six years and I have been impressed with the excellent equipment and superb treatment at very reasonable price


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