Incurable Medical Condition Healed

For many years I had endured an incurable medical condition called ‘Ulcerative Colitis‘; a basic explanation for this condition is intestinal bleeding.  Typical symptoms I was experiencing were frequent flatulence and I bled constantly whenever I visited the bathroom.  I was frequently tired unless I pumped iron supplements into my system.  Racing to the bathroom just to make it in time if you get my meaning was a normal part of the day.  It was a nightmare at the condition’s worst.

It had reached the point where no medication helped.  It was getting worse and there seemed to be nothing I could do.

Over the years, I had prayed to God for Him to heal me from this condition.  God is a healing God, however, He heals us in His perfect time, not ours.


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On November 1st., 2015, I attended a service at Enjoy Church where a guest Pastor was preaching.  At one point during the evening, he mentioned that someone had intestinal bleeding and whoever it was, was to walk down the front.  Immediately I experienced the power of God envelop me from head to toe; I knew it was me he was referring to.  I walked out of my seat and got as far as the front row of seats.  The Pastor said ‘stop’, so I stopped.  He then told me to close my eyes, so I did.  After this, he told me to take three steps forward, (at this point I remembered the story of Naaman in the bible and how through his obedience, he was healed) so I took the three steps forward.  After several seconds, the Pastor then told me to open my eyes, and then he simply said ‘God has healed you’.  I went home that night and for the first time in ages, I wasn’t experiencing any of the symptoms.  I stopped taking my medication immediately.

I was healed and the ONE THING that cemented me believing I was healed before I even left the church that night was an event that happened years earlier.   ‘God has healed you’ in the tone of voice this Pastor used, was not the first time I had heard that.  God spoke the same words to me years earlier when He told me to tell a person exactly that after I had prayed for him.  It was the very same tone of voice, spot on the same. (not the same voice, the same tone)

Well, it’s been almost five months now; I am no longer paying out over $70 each month on medication.  I no longer experience any of the awful symptoms.  Life is much easier.  I can plan to go out for the day now without having to concern myself on whether a toilet will be nearby or not.

I’m feeling so grateful and so blessed at the good things God has done and continues to do.

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Special thanks to my friend and Editor, Mary Gray.

Miss Meisha – A Gift From God

Miss Meisha came into my life March 14th,  2013. The circumstances surrounding her arrival were nothing short of a miracle.

I had lost my beautiful & cheeky Gizmo to ill health due to old age; I didn’t think I could accept another cat into my life as Gizmo meant the world to me.



About 3 months after Gizmo joined God in Heaven, I began entertaining thoughts of having another cat in my life.   After a while, I asked God for another, and requested either a Ragdoll or a Birman.

Three months later, I received a phone call from a lady I met just once at church a only a few days earlier.  She told me that a cat had followed her home.  She also said that God had told her to pick her up, take her inside, clean her up and give her to Emma (me).

Kvowing what I had asked God for, I just broke down immediately on the phone.   I said out loud, ‘What am I going to name her?’  I heard God speak immediately; he said ‘gift from God’.  I googled names that mean ‘gift from God’, and came up with Meisha!

Miss Meisha

A clipped Miss Meisha the day I received her.

Miss Meisha has been in my life for two years now, and while she showed signs of having been neglected and abused when I first got her, she is adapting well to being loved and living indoors. She loves a cuddle so long as she is the one who instigates one.

I thank God for her, she is a real blessing.

Dr Preecha – Best Dentist on the planet

I arrived in Nong Khai, Thailand by overnight train around 8am enroute to Vientiane, Laos, I jumped in the Tuk Tuk and was taken on a tour of Nong Khai looking for a dentist I’d read glowing reports about. Eventually I found his phone number, called him and gave my phone to the driver who spoke no English. Five minutes later I was at the dental office of Dr Preecha.

Selfie with Dr Preecha in his surgery

Selfie with Dr Preecha in his surgery

I was stoked!  I was desperate for a scale and clean, his price of 500-600Bt was dirt cheap and I was going to take advantage.  One look in my mouth he quoted me 500Bt; he’s honest too, off to a great start.

I have exceedingly sensitive teeth and Dr Preecha asked me to raise my left hand if I needed him to stop.   Not only did I not need to, I was on the brink of falling asleep while he was working.   I hardly felt anything the whole time!

The shop front of Dr Preecha's surgery

The shop front of Dr Preecha’s surgery

If you are wanting to see for yourself how good this guy is, his address details are:

Big Tooth Dentist, 220/12-13 Sadej road, Nong Khai, Thailand.  Ph. 042-413888. Opening hours are 9am – 7pm.

Pricelist March 2015

Pricelist March 2015

If you are traveling to Bangkok, a quick flight to Nong Khai and a visit to Dr Preecha will be well worth your time.  Airlines with good deals that fly to Nong Khai from Bangkok are Thai Air Asia & Air Asia; alternatively, you can catch a train from Bangkok’s HuaLamphong to Nong Khai; tickets can be booked at 12goAsia.  Nong Khai is on the border of Laos and is 13 km’s from the Lao PDR capital Vientiane; a short Tuk Tuk ride to the Laos border, followed by another short Tuk Tuk ride, will get you to Vientiane.

A Miracle in Kuta

It was Christmas Eve.  My flight touched down around 9pm in Bali. The visa to enter Bali is AU$30, so I needed to hit the ATM; I tried my P.I.N. twice, my mind was frantic at this point, I’d forgotten my P.I.N. and if I tried a 3rd time and it was wrong, the only card I had brought with me would be swallowed up by the machine!!!  I finally found an immigration agent with an eftpos machine that was working, ok visa was now organised.  The taxi driver cleaned me out of the only Aussie $$ that I had left in my wallet.  I arrived at my hotel in Kuta, with NO CASH!!!  Argh!!!

The manager at my accommodation refused to overcharge me for the room on my credit card and give me the excess as change.  By now it was after 11pm, I went for a walk in the pouring rain, hoping a Circle K store could help me, however, they had all banked their takings earlier that day.  I couldn’t beg in the streets either, because, well, that just isn’t me.

I headed back to my hotel, briefly stopping at the front desk in the hope the manager had changed his mind; I finally broke down and cried when I realised my holiday could well be ruined as I wasn’t able to get help from anyone.  Walking back to my room, I told God, ‘I can’t do anything else, it’s all in your hands now, I’ve tried everything’.

The clock ticked over, it was now Christmas Day.  I went to bed.  Minutes later, my hotel room phone rang; it was the front desk telling me that a friend of his wanted to help me.  Minutes later a gentleman is standing at my door saying he wants to help me.  He gave me RP600,000.00, I was stunned.  He refused to give me his contact details so I could pay him back.  Eventually I was able to convince him to give them to me.

God came through for me.  His hands were tied while I was trying to sort the mess out myself, however the minute I gave the problem to Him, He went to work and helped me.

RP 600,000.00

RP 600,000.00

Always so Bubbly

Hi friends,

Today I was told ‘You are always so bubbly, I like you.’

I could not help but smile when I heard this; you see only a few years ago I was 100% negative 100% of the time.  I remember a few short years ago listening to Joyce Meyer say she used to be the same way, hearing her say that gave me hope.  I immediately asked God to do the same for me, to transform me into a person who was always positive.

Here I am, a few years later, and people often comment on how bubbly I am.

Whatever you are going through, do not give up.  Do not let your past experiences govern your future.

Welcome to ‘My Journey to Happiness’


My name is Emma, and like you, I am on ‘My Journey to Happiness’.

On my journey so far, I have found that by reading other people’s stories of their life’s experiences, does quite often, inspire me, and encourages me to keep moving forward, both through the good times and when things appear to be not going so well.

I hope you will be inspired by my sharing, and that you too will continue to keep moving forward and not give up during those times when you don’t understand what is happening in your life.